by | Sep 9, 2019

A purse is more than a last-minute fashion accessory. Purses are portable storing spaces so that you can have everything you need on the go.

Long commute? Equip yourself with a kindle. Got a cold? Store an endless supply of tissues at the ready.

Before packing, decide on what you need so you don't end up with a bag full of clutter. It's difficult to prioritize when you're unsure of plans, so to help you, we've compiled a list of what to keep in your purse.

1. Wallet, Phone and Keys

These three items are crucial for modern-day life: phone, wallet, and keys. Your wallet should fit snugly into your purse so you can grab it when needed. It should contain your ID or driver's license, credit cards, and cash.

If you carry on a purse, slip your phone into your purse's smaller compartment so it doesn't get lost. Find phone cases that fit in a purse so it's easily accessible whenever you receive a call or a text. When choosing a case, make sure it protects the phone and fits into the pockets. The best phone case for purse should keep your phone discreet and prevent scratches.

Invest in a portable phone charger so your phone never runs out of juice on the road. And slip your keys into a small, secure side pocket so they can't fall out or get stolen.

2. Travel Pack Tissues and Toiletries

A small pack of tissues is a life-saver even if you don't suffer from allergies. They're useful after a spill, during an unexpected cold and a great way to show kindness to sniffling strangers.

Be prepared with a small toiletries bag and keep it in your purses.  Fill it with 3-5 pads or tampons, sunscreen, and mini vaseline. Vaseline is a versatile must-have for your purse. It acts as a lip balm, prevents blisters, removes makeup and works as a moisturizer.

Also, add hand sanitizer to the collection. Although hand sanitizers will never replace a thorough handwash, they combat the germs we face daily in public transit, bathrooms, and your phone screen.

3. Breath Mints or Chewing Gum

To avoid any awkward run-ins after lunch, pack mints or chewing gum to have in your purse. Carrying these will give you that just-brushed feeling, great after meals and before impromptu meetings.

4. Makeup Bag

Having makeup on you means you're prepared for last-minute meetings or dinner parties! Fill up a bag with your basics like eyeliner, lipstick and lip balm for throughout the day.

5. Hair Brush and Elastic Hair Bands

You never know when you'll face bad weather, a wardrobe malfunction or an unexpected trip to the gym. If you rock shorter hair, always stock up on bobby pins and clips to keep your hair neat. Also, a (mini) hairbrush is a must-have for handbags because you never know if there's an important occasion around the corner.

6. A Healthy Snack and Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key when you're running errands all day. It's wise to keep energized by storing a healthy snack in your purse to prevent binging on chips or cookies. Instead, find a snack rich in protein like beef jerky or almonds. If you store a selection of snacks, be sure to have a zip-lock bag to contain the crumbs and keep your purse clean.

7. Medication

It's wise to carry enough over-the-counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets for when disaster strikes. Also, stock up on band-aids to combat blisters from new shoes or any tumbles.

8. A Planner, Notebook and Pen

Notebooks are great as you can store your ideas in one place. Struggle with staying organized? Planners help you become focused, organized and make crossing off your to-do list far more satisfying than on your phone. Keep a pen or pencil handy so you can also fill out forms or sign off a letter.

9. A Form of Entertainment

Take small entertainment options in case you get bored. If your purse is big enough, pack a book or even a tablet to keep you occupied. Find short stories, poetry or novels with short chapters so it's easy to start and stop whenever you're on the go. Only have a small purse? Make sure you have games or podcasts loaded on your phone instead.

10. Safety Items

Although it most likely won't be necessary, keep several safety items in your purse. To feel empowered, stash a can of pepper spray, a whistle or even a personal safety alarm which goes off when you activate it.

Ensure you store these in a concealed but accessible zipped pockets. Before stocking up on safety items, learn how to use them and check whether your local area has any restrictions on which items you can or can't carry.

Now You Know What To Keep in Your Purse

Once you know what to keep in your purse, you'll eliminate clutter and have a neat, organized purse. Be prepared for everything, from sneezing fits to blisters, to avoid any mishaps during your busy day. Also, ensure you have entertainment options because you never know when you're waiting for someone or if a train is delayed.

Written by Tiffany Pratt for The Healthy Moms Magazine and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.