Summer traveling is in full swing! Whether you are looking for your next adventure or for an excuse to visit a new city, you will need some top notch gear that will make traveling this season a whole lot more enjoyable. Here are our top picks!



When traveling long distances, you will often times find yourself on a plane ride- and then cue the unwanted sounds: snoring, talking, baby cries, and more. Do yourself a favor and grab some noise cancelling headphones.



Living in the digital age, we are accustomed to filling our bags with wires for all of our electronic devices such as chargers, headphones, adapters, etc. Pair that with your travel preparation and you will find yourself in a tangled mess. Save yourself some time (and a headache) by investing in a charging cord case. Want a personal touch? You can even get a monogrammed case.



Thankfully, our favorite tech giants have made our lives easier by creating a universal serial bus, or USB. However, it isn’t always easy to find a USB port when you need to plug in. Designed for global travelers in mind, this USB adapter from Tumi allows you to power up wherever you go!



Whether you are flying, driving, or backpacking, you will always need to stay hydrated. For the wanderlust traveler, you will want to find a bottle that can travel well, fits in cup holders, and handles whatever beverage you fill it in it.



Ah, we’ve all been there. You get to your final destination only for your bag never to make it to the luggage carousel. Thankfully, companies like Tile have created handy gadgets that will allow you track your luggage from the convenience of your phone. Never fear about lost luggage again!


This season, make sure you plan to bring along the right accessories to help make your traveling as smooth as possible.