by | Apr 30, 2018

The right water bottle means different things for different people. An athlete may be searching for a long-lasting durable product, a busy parent may need versatility that moves with their lifestyle, and an environmentally conscious individual may search for a sustainable product. While these people are similar in many ways, the water bottles they have in mind may be vastly different. But what if these individuals wear several hats? Busy parent, “on the go” professional, and eco-conscious all wrapped into one. If you are a busy professional considering purchasing a Be Bottle, here are five reasons why this is the best water bottle for you.

1. It’s versatile

With the ever-changing demands at work constantly pulling us in different directions, our needs may change daily or even hourly. In times like these, it is important to have a water bottle that can adapt to all of our needs. With its stylish functionality, the Be Bottle makes drinking ice water, flavored water, tea, or even coffee a unique experience. The bottle itself comes in classic colors, including Rose Gold Pink, and features a removable bottom, an infuser, and insulation to keep beverages hot or cold. The Be Bottle is not your average water bottle. It can change throughout your work day, from coffee or tea, to water, to an infused drink that’s perfect during your lunch break outside on the patio.

2. An infuser is included for your morning tea or fruit-flavored water

Fancy a hot cup of tea or coffee as you settle in at your desk in the morning? Perhaps you are interested in fruit-infused water or adding a hint of lemon. The Be Bottle’s infuser provides the ability for a little more oomph than a glass of water in the morning! The infuser is convenient and offers many options for the flavors our taste buds crave on a daily basis.

3. It’s easy to clean

We’ve all been there. That moment when you get home and attempt to immediately clean out your water bottle but can’t quite seem to find a sponge that will reach the bottom. At this point, you either give up and toss it into the dishwasher or you let it soak in the sink and hope for the best before rinsing it out. Most other water bottles are a pain to clean by hand, but Be Bottle’s exclusive removable bottom has resolved this problem. With just a few twists, remove the bottom cap and easily clean as needed. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is fidget with a toilet brush just to clean your bottle.

4. Insulation keeps your drinks

hot or cold

Be Bottles aren’t just for water alone. Save time and take advantage of your commute to work to steep your morning tea, or rest easy knowing your coffee will still be hot by the time you make it to the office. Going on a run at lunch? Your water will stay cold and keep you hydrated while you’re off enjoying the trails. Be Bottle’s double-walled stainless-steel insulation makes it easy for you to enjoy cold beverages for 24 hours and hot beverages for 12 hours.

5. It’s reusable

This benefit goes without saying but it’s still incredibly noteworthy. Be Bottles are reusable, not only saving you money in the long run but also reducing the amount of plastic being used on a daily basis. According to the Huffington Post, only 9 percent of plastic is recycled in the United States, which means that 91 percent is contributing to habitat destruction, a waste in reusable resources, and overfilled landfills. Buying reusable products is one way you can fight back.