Kid Bottles Busy Moms Approve

by | Aug 20, 2018

Guest post by @actively.jen

Hi I’m Jen, busy mom of 3 active kiddos ages 8, 5, and 3.  We live in Florida where Hot is the unofficial season for at least 6 months out of the year.

After a seemingly long summer, it’s that time of year again. Parents everywhere are rejoicing that school is back in session! But we’re also scrambling to find all the school supplies plus extras for the kiddos. Back to school can be so stressful sometimes. And I don’t know about you but with each new school year, my kids get pickier and pickier about their lunch boxes and water bottles and backpacks. Finding durable but fun and fashionable items can be so hard!

With my kids being in school for 6+ hours every day, they want water bottles that keep their water COLD. All day. And I want water bottles that will withstand being banged around and dropped! Not to mention, my kiddos sometimes want something other than water. Some of their friends bring juice or flavored electrolyte-type water to school, but I’m not into that for my kids. In fact, unless they’re sick or I need to dilute some medicine, juice is not an option. So I’m always searching the major stores and online for reliable and cute water bottles. Unfortunately, most of the choices are very limited and incredibly plain!

Enter Be Bottle

The Be Bottle Just Be a Kid collection features are exactly like the Classic Collection!  They’re durable, stainless steel, and insulated to keep drinks cold (or hot) all day. Plus, they have infusers! Kids water bottles with infusers! That’s one of the ‘COOLEST’ things about the bottles to my kiddos. They can flavor their water in a healthy way and each kiddo can have a different flavor combo. Add on the dinosaur and unicorns for the ultimate kid water bottle, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

dinosaur and unicorn bottles with kids

And the 10-ounce size? Yep. Taking these cool bottles to school is a match made in heaven! The size is perfect for fitting into the bottle holders on their lunch bags and backpacks. With yummy flavored water, my kids drink more water. More water = more hydration, which is super important, especially here in Florida as they swim and play outside. The handle tops make it easy for them to carry their bottle with them from home to school to the park to the pool. We never leave home without the dino and unicorns by their side!

Currently, the favorite fruit combos in our house are:

  • frozen pineapple + fresh strawberries
  • watermelon + strawberries
  • blueberries + watermelon

The kiddos can’t get enough of their delicious, fruity water! My oldest (8 years old) loves to help get the fruit ready for the infusers. She carefully (and under supervision) cuts up the fruit and places them into the infusers (after taking the other two kiddos’ ‘orders’ of course). She loves to cook and help in the kitchen which can sometimes be a little chaotic. But with this, she knows how to do it independently and cleanup is a breeze, thank goodness! I love involving her and this is a consistent job she can do and enjoys doing.

I’m relieved to have one major item crossed off that Back to School list… now only 25 more to go!

Cheers to a healthy (school) year!

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