Be Bottle Shines at Jill Zarin’s 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon

by | Aug 14, 2018

After launching a successful Kickstarter in January, Be Bottle made its official debut at Jill Zarin’s 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon held in The Hamptons last month. Jill calls the event the “Shark Tank of The Hamptons” where established luxury brands and fresh, emerging brands come together to be discovered amongst the celebrities, socialites, and trendsetters. It was the perfect event for Be Bottle to introduce its look good, feel good, do good product.

Bottle on displayLook good: Partnering with Jill Zarin and her team seemed obvious for Be Bottle, whose innovative and modern designs are elevating the reusable bottle industry. The product has been established as a hydration accessory–something you take with you everywhere you go. Be Bottle created a product that’s as versatile as our lifestyles are today, one that looks sophisticated in the office but is just as functional on the tennis court or the beach.

Feel good: Throughout the event,  attendees’ jaws dropped time after time while the Be Bottle team took apart a bottle into its 4 pieces. (Yes, 4!) This isn’t an ordinary stainless steel bottle, its aesthetic is sleek and solves any cleaning and ice insertion issues with the industry’s first removable bottom (patent pending). This feature allowed the company to also include a built-in infuser to make water even more delicious. The stainless steel mesh core screws onto the base, creating a reusable, infuser water bottle which allows you to create refreshing, new tastes that are limited only by your imagination.

Do good: Most notable, however, is Be Bottle’s commitment to the Be The Change movement, where companies across the globe are standing up against plastic pollution and its negative impact on the planet. They strive to decrease the mass abuse of plastic bottles by providing a better alternative, a better bottle, a Be Bottle. For every Be Bottle purchased, the company makes a donation to Matt Damon’s, a nonprofit that gives 3rd world countries access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Be Bottle’s Classic Collection has an array of colors: Just Black, Just White, Rose Gold Pink, and Red Velvet. Most bottles retail for $48 and designs range from tropical hibiscus flowers to wedding sayings.

Be Bottles can be purchased at