by | May 14, 2018

Earlier this year, Coug Nation suffered a terrible loss when WSU quarterback, Tyler Hilinski took his own life, leaving behind thousands who ask themselves every day, “What could I have done differently?” We cannot change the past, be we can change the future. In honor of Tyler’s legacy, Kym and Mark Hilinski started Hilinski’s Hope, a foundation with the mission “to educate, advocate and remove the stigma associated with mental illness.” The foundation also raises money to fund programs that provide student-athletes the tools to support their mental health and wellness.

Drew Bledsoe, our chief Brand Champion and WSU Alumni, was one of thousands affected by Tyler’s loss. With the full support of Kym and Mark Hilinski, we are proud and honored to offer a special edition #3 Be Bottle, where all proceeds will go to Hilinski’s Hope. Together, we can preserve Tyler’s legacy and “Be The Change” in the stigma of mental health.

Be Bottle’s mission is to crush the plastic epidemic and encourage everyone to “Be The Change.” Partnering with the Hilinski family and Hilinski’s Hope gives us the opportunity to go one step further by raising money for an illness that has no face. Let’s come together and revolutionize the way we think about our world, remove the stigma we associate with mental illness, and shift our habits with plastic waste. It’s time to “Be The Change!”