by | Aug 27, 2019

From running the neighborhood loop to using that park down the street as a makeshift crossfit gym, you have many options when it comes to becoming more fit this season. Take advantage of the outdoors to get in shape without a gym membership.


This is a pretty easy one- but besides improving cardiovascular health, running can significantly improve your mental health by alleviating stress, symptoms of depression or even help improve knee health! Find a trail near you or create your own route through your neighborhood.


Characterized by short, fast bursts in which you use maximum effort, hill sprints can be done on a flat stretch of grass, sidewalk, or road. If you can find a hill with a decent incline you can add some serious resistance to sprint workout. Take a look at this training schedule for a high-intensity workout. Sand sprints also bring a different element to  working out outside. Start with a dynamic warm up and then dive right into sprint repeats! 


All that this workout requires is a park bench or elevated surface. Start with your feet on the bench and your hands on the ground,  perform 10 push-ups, then swap your feet and hands and do 10 more. Finish this exercise with 10 normal push-ups on the ground. To target your lower body, add in bench hops. Hop up with both feet, being sure to land softly. Add in a squat at the top for an extra challenge. This one is an especially fun to pair with one of your normal running routes: perform this combo every time you see a park bench! 


What better way to take in the outdoor landscape than with a yoga flow routine and meditations? Bring your yoga mat or find a nice patch of grass in a relaxing setting, bring headphones (in case you cannot escape from the noises of people or cars), and become one with nature! Here is an outdoor yoga routine that you can try next time you’re in need of some mental clarity and deep stretching..    These are just a small sample of all the great ways you can take your workout outside. Find what works for you and get out there!