Summer is in full swing  and the sky’s the limit on the outdoor activities. Here are some fail proof ways to enjoy your summer by staying cool!


Did you know that heat can enter your house through a closed window? When the sun heats the outside of your windows, heat then radiates from the outside into your house. Hanging up sun blockers can reduce the amount of heat that enters your house by up to 45% according to the US Department of Energy. Sun’s out, blinds up!


When your body sweats, the process of evaporation causes your skin to cool. An easy way to replicate this is to fill a spray bottle with water and give yourself a spritz. The water will eventually evaporate off your skin and give you a nice cooling effect! Pair with a fan for maximum cooling.


Having a fan in your house is a great way to save money on air conditioning. You can have a fan circulating air in your room, or if your place is a bit of a sauna, have the fan blowing out of an open window. Seemingly counterintuitive at first, the fan is able to pull hot air from your house and send it back outside, leaving you with cool air.


Laptops and computers were not designed as heaters but they end up putting out a lot of heat! Try powering down your computers, laptops, and other large  electronics like TVs and you save yourself electricity and some unwanted heat!


Keeping your feet covered retains heat which will circulate throughout the rest of your body. Expose your feet to the air and you will experience the natural cooling effect of sweat! Pro tip: spritz your feet with that handy water bottle for extra heat relief.


Last, but certainly not least, you can keep cool by staying hydrated! Your body relies on water for a variety of bodily functions, such as cooling down your body. As your temperature rises, your body will continue to sweat more and will need water to replenish its store. Make sure to use your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. Summer is bringing in the heat. Make sure to follow some these tips to keep yourself from overheating!