by | Nov 6, 2017

Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD
Guest Blog by: Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD
PhD, Speaker, Dietitian, and Adjunct Professor at UCLA Fielding-School of Public Health

I have written a few pieces on the Huffington Post (“Plastic, Plastic Literally Everywhere” and “Plastic, It”s What”s for Dinner“) about the problem with plastic waste and how it damages the environment and our health.  In fact, the moment I learned about the dangers of plastic pollution, I changed my habits immediately.

When I recently I learned about Be Bottles and had the opportunity to give one a go, I drank up the chance!  I always try to “Be the Change” I wish to see, and was very excited that a water-bottle company held the same mission:  To eliminate single-use plastic water bottles.

We all need water for good health, I know, I am a dietitian!  So, when I got my Be Bottle, I was very excited by all the various ways you can use it!

I love my water fruit-infused, turned into tea, turned into coffee, cold or hot with a bit of lemon, or even just plain, and these are all things you can do with the Be Bottle.

The other great thing was that I could carry my Be Bottle with me everywhere.  It has become an essential part of my everyday life!  I fill it with icy-cold water for my spin classes where it hydrates and refreshes me as I sweat away the day.  I carry it to and from work in my bag, often filled with tea-infused water; the best part is, since I use loose tea leaves, the infuser allows me to flavor my water without chewing on the leaves! The Be Bottle has been super helpful in the morning as I walk my dog, since it seals tightly and won’t spill my coffee all over the place.  I hook it onto my son’s stroller (with its nice large handle) with my “mommy hook,” and it keeps my water cool for hours!  It’s so easy and fun to use that even my 3-year old helps me with it!  In fact, when I infuse my water with berries or melon, he often steals several sips, if not all of them!

The Be Bottle really is an all-purpose bottle.

When you consider the environment, health benefits, and cost-savings of a one-time purchase that you can use, reuse, and reuse again, it really does make sense to “Be the Change,” and get yourself a Be Bottle. SOURCE: