by | Apr 10, 2018

When it comes to an active lifestyle, we sometimes forget about hydration. We plan to drink our eight glasses of water each day, but when it comes down to it, we fall short. The reason? Most people have yet to find a water bottle they want to carry around all day. When we leave for work in the morning, our choices are limited in terms of carrying coffee and water, especially for men. Lugging around various items without the flexibility of a handbag may force them to choose between one or the other. In the early hours of the day, coffee is the reigning champion over water. So getting to the gym with water can be a challenge. How do you make sure your guy is staying hydrated at the gym? Hook him up with a Be Bottle.  It’s so cool, he won’t want to hit the weights without it. Here’s why he’ll love it.

1. Modern look and feel

Be Bottle offers a sleek, matte finish, making it the perfect addition to the “look good feel good” attitude in the gym. This style is complemented by the durability of the product through its stainless-steel shell and double-wall insulation to keep beverages warm or cold. In just a few seconds, the bottle can change from a coffee mug to a water bottle so that he can leave the office and head to the gym or the outdoors with ease. Worried about leaks while working out? The Be Bottle is guaranteed leak proof, meaning your man won’t ever have to waste time cleaning up an unnecessary mess from his bottle tipping over (we know their time is precious in the gym). With 18 ounces of fluid available in each bottle, running low on water will be the least of his concerns, giving him more time to focus on his workout and less time refilling at the water fountain. The best part about this bottle is that cleaning takes no time at all. With Be Bottle’s ground-breaking twist-off bottom, cleaning no longer requires long soaks. Your man will simply twist off the bottom of the bottle and clean away. This is convenient for those quick switches from coffee to water at the office, when there may only be a few minutes of free time in between meetings.

2. Easily cleaned!

When we created the removable bottom, we did so to ensure that you can drink whatever you wanted without fear of flavor hangover. Your guy won’t ever have to worry about leftover protein powder or pre-workout in his bottle. Give him the ease of mind knowing that his Be Bottle will be the one and only champion he needs to crush a good workout.

3. It’s eco-friendly

In today’s world, plastic is a massive  problem. According to an Environmental Protection Agency survey completed in 2014, Americans discarded 33.6 million tons of plastic, but only 9.5 percent of it was recycled. By using reusable drinking bottles such as the Be Bottle, he can take a stance  against plastic pollution and “Be The Change.” Our Be Bottle is perfect for the gym, outdoor adventures, and demonstrates a commitment to being environmentally responsible. Check out our color options! We know you’ll find one you love just for yourself.